More Unique, Personalized Wedding Favor Ideas

So you’re looking for great wedding favor ideas, but you can’t look at one more miniature picture frame, scented candle or little candy baggie as your options. You want something fun! Something unique, something your guests will always remember you by. Luckily, as weddings are becoming more and more unique and personalized, the favors are too! Here are just a few out of the box ideas for your big day:

Personalized Shot Glasses – That’s right, you heard us. Shot glasses are the perfect wedding favor because they’re small enough to fit in a purse or pocket and your guests can even start using them at the reception! Instead of having your names printed on the glasses, think of something that can remind them of your big day without being too personal. Maybe engrave something funny or corny, like “shot through the heart” with a cupid, or “shotgun wedding” if your family can take the joke lightly. Personalized glasses don’t necessarily have to mean engraved, they can just be something personal to you and your partner. Maybe the two families are divided between the Greenbay Packers and New England Patriots, so you can get shot glasses of each kind, and have them displayed on a table on opposite sides.

Wedding Recovery Kit – If your guests came from out of town, or if you had a rough or lengthy wedding, you can put together a “recovery pack” as a favor. Maybe include a packet of aspirin for the next morning, a bottle of personalized water, a disposable heat pack or foot lotion for the night of dancing, maybe even a small bottle of aloe if you had a long beach weekend. You can get as creative as you’d like, and you can rest assured that your guests will appreciate it!

Comfy Socks – This idea may sound a bit off the wall, but your guests will likely be dancing the night away at your reception—in their uncomfortable ceremony attire and shoes. Offering a pair of non-slip comfy socks for your guests can be a great favor; they can get some use out of the gift immediately and they will always remember your big day when they wear them again.

Decorative Favors – People love useful items. Wedding favors have gotten a bad reputation for being useless or just silly trinkets that get lost within the week. Your favors can be whatever you want them to be. If you’ve decorated the tables with beautiful vintage vases, boxes or platters, offer your guests the decorations as their take home gift. Some of your guests may have been admiring your centerpieces or asking where they could find something like that. Or, if the items were costly or remind you of specific bridal party members, let them take them as their wedding party gifts. This is the perfect way to get your guests something they will use and enjoy for years, and it also leaves you empty-handed for less clean up and storage.

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Part II: Easy and Subtle Cut-Costing Tips for Weddings

Cut out the Cake – Overspending on a lavish cake, or even a dessert bar, is one of the easiest ways to spend money that could be used elsewhere. A three-tiered wedding cake can cost over $1,000 and can be a pain to cut and serve. Many brides have been opting for the cheaper cupcake idea that eliminates the need for a giant cake and makes serving much more manageable. Even a dessert bar may be a bit overkill, as many guests will skip dessert altogether, since dinner and drinks will usually fill them up quickly. If you want a nice, small selection of desserts, try cupcakes, dark chocolates and fruit. These three options leave a little something for everyone; the sugar loving uncle can enjoy the pastries, your gluten or dairy-intolerant cousin can enjoy the chocolates, and your aunt watching her diet will enjoy a great selection of fruit.

Dress for Less – The wedding dress is one of the most important pieces to your wedding day; it sets the tone for the whole wedding and will be one of the greatest memories for you, your fiancé and your guests. This is one area that many brides have a problem cutting, since they think that their options will be drastically reduced if the budget is. Instead, look at sample dresses and outlet stores; these dresses may be drastically reduced due to small stains of imperfections in the dress. Another way to go cheaper is to buy the same dream dress you may want in a lower-end satin, which can be up to two-thirds cheaper.

Eliminate Paper Products – Not only are seven-piece hand-written invitations a bit over the top; they’ve also become unnecessary and outdated. These bulky invitation packages can cost hundreds of dollars in both paper and postage expenses. Not only are the invitations a waste of money, but separate announcements for the wedding, bridal shower and even “save the dates” can add needless spending to your budget. Try, instead to combine them into one invitation; include the dates and locations for all the events. It might be easiest to include a link to your wedding website or add your phone number, so they can visit or call if they have any questions. Another way to eliminate paper expenses is on the day of the wedding, since some brides can go overboard on getting out a schedule of events and menu to each guest. Most guests have attended a wedding, and shouldn’t need to know the order of the events in a thirty minute ceremony. Also, if displaying the menu is important to you, choose a large board at the entryway of the reception, or smaller menus–one per table.

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Part I: Easy and Subtle Cut-Costing Tips for Weddings

With the national cost of a wedding averaging between $21,000 and $24,000, many brides are finding themselves starting their new married lives in a pile of debt. Some brides worry that cutting costs will cut the elegance out of their big day, and they’d rather put thousands of dollars on credit rather than trim down their budget to a more realistic and manageable amount. Luckily there are quite a few ways to slim down your budget without your guests even noticing. It’s a win-win situation for brides, since they can have the wedding of their dreams without the hefty price tag. Here are just a few ways to save:

Avoid High Times – This may be one of the most noticeable budget-savers to guests and friends, but trust us, it’s well worth it. Most weddings are held between the months of May and October, so vendors will charge a premium, since they know they are in demand. You can easily spend hundreds of dollars more on catering, flowers and bar tabs just because of the time of year. The day of your wedding is also important, and wedding consultants agree that Saturday night at 7 p.m. is the most desirable (and expensive) time for a wedding reception. Choosing a Friday night can save you hundreds, and it’s not as much of an inconvenience to your guests as you’d think; your in-town guests can request a few hours off of work for Friday and your out of town guests will likely fly in before the weekend already.

Sharing Expenses – Many brides are uncomfortable with buying re-used wedding items from consignment shops, yard sales or online retailers, and we could understand how that could take some of the excitement away from your big day. It’s not the ‘re-using’ that bothers the brides, but the lack of options on almost everything from dresses to bridesmaid jewelry to decorations. One way to split savings while still having hundreds of options is to work with another bride on decorating your big day. You should choose a bride who is not only looking to spend the same amount as you, but one who shares a lot of your style ideas. You can go in on flower vases, cutlery, decorations, and even flowers if your wedding dates are close enough. Even small items like wedding party gifts or wedding favors can be cheaper when they’re bought in bulk. Just make sure to choose a bride outside of your circle of friends, or else your guests may feel an odd sense of déjà-vu at your wedding.

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Part II: Choosing your Bridesmaids’ Dresses

Styles – One of the newer trends in weddings is to go with the same color for each bridesmaid, but to let her choose the style of the dress. This is a great idea for bridesmaids with mixed body types, since one style of dress rarely looks good on every body type. You can go with a strapless dress for girls with a pear shape, and a high cut neckline for girls with bigger upper bodies. Whatever you decide let each bridesmaid try on as many styles as she likes. If you disagree on which dress looks best, you can take a vote with the bridesmaids, or ultimately let her decide what is best. Not only does she know her body the best, she’s the one that needs to feel comfortable for the reception and pictures, and she will be the one keeping the dress after your big day.

Mix and Match – Another new trend in bridesmaids dresses are the adjustable dress; these dress come in various lengths, colors and fabrics and generally have long flowing straps. The straps can be used to drape across the body in a variety of styles; you can create a goddess, toga look for some bridesmaids and an off the shoulder look for others. You can also use these dresses to change up your pictures. You can add detail to the backs for pictures from behind, or just switch up styles every hour or two.

Prints – Most brides love the simple look of solid bridesmaid dresses; mostly to keep the focus on her beaming white dress throughout the ceremony. Other brides, however, love the idea of adding interest and design to their bridesmaids. Some bridesmaids will go with a textured fabric that may only show in certain lighting, and others will go with a bold, large-print fabric for their bridesmaids dresses. If you plan on using prints, make sure to have each bridesmaid try on the dress, since prints can accentuate certain body parts or look better on some bridesmaids than on others. Another factor to consider with prints is the kind of bridesmaid jewelry, shoes and accessories they will wear. Often times the print takes over and minimal jewelry and accessories are needed.

Conformity – Do you want all your bridesmaids to wear the same color? Would you want your maid of honor to stand out in a lighter or darker shade than the rest of the bridesmaids? Or would you possibly go with two solid dress colors, and alternate them on your bridesmaids based on their skin tone and hair color? Luckily, there is no standard to bridesmaids’ dresses anymore, and you are free to be as creative with colors, designs and styles as you would like!

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Part I: Choosing your Bridesmaids Dresses

Every bride seems to want to choose a dress that “can be worn after the wedding”—something that is fun and flirty or elegant and romantic—some may be close to achieving their goal, and others can be way off. Either way, choosing the perfect bridesmaids dress is easier said than done; you have plenty of factors to consider, including budget, theme, color style and more. Here are just a few things to consider when choosing your perfect bridesmaids dress:

Budget – First and foremost needs to be your budget, or should we say, your bridesmaids’ budgets. Typically your bridesmaids will be buying their own dresses, meaning it’s important to know, or ask, how much they can handle spending. When thinking of your bridesmaids’ budget, keep in mind that they will be purchasing gifts for your engagement party, bridal shower and wedding, while also throwing you a bachelorette party and paying for their dress, shoes, hair and makeup. Also, if any of your bridesmaids will be joining from out of town, they may be looking at hefty travel expenses, so you might want to go easy on them. Some brides will pay a portion of each dress to help cut costs for their bridesmaids, say if they love a $150 dress, they may only ask their bridesmaids to pay $50 or $75, and they cover the rest of the expense, possibly as their bridesmaids gifts. Just keep in mind that while it is your special day, but your friends are doing as much as possible to make you happy, so it’s important to consider them as well.

Colors – The colors you select will most likely go with the color and theme of your overall wedding. Are you doing a bright spring wedding? Or maybe a fall wedding with burnt oranges and neutral colors? Whatever colors you decide to go with, try to consider your bridesmaids’ skin tones. It may not be something that strikes you when you see a beautiful gown in a magazine or on a manikin, but sometimes bright colors can wash out the color on a fair-skinned bridesmaid, or a rust color may clash with a bridesmaids’ olive complexion. Considering hair colors is also a good idea; for the most part your bridesmaids will have natural hair colors with either ash or golden undertones, but for more adventurous bridesmaids, they may play with deep plum colors, bluish blacks or platinum blondes. These are the kinds of colors that can easily clash, so it’s important to see each bridesmaid in the dress before deciding.

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Fun and Inexpensive Engagement Party Ideas

One of the best parts of an engagement is celebrating your union with friends and family. One tradition that has recently reemerged is the engagement party; originally hosted by the father of the bride to announce his daughter’s engagement. In modern times, it’s become a celebration of a previously announced engagement, and guests are welcome to bring card and gifts to help congratulate the couple. Some couples decide to skip this party if they’re trying to save money, but there are quite a few ways to have a great, inexpensive engagement party. Here are just a few ways:

Backyard Bar-B-Que – A bar-b-que can be a great inexpensive way to announce your engagement. You can go with a casual menu of hot dogs, hamburgers and chips, or opt for a bit nicer bar-b-que with skewers, grilled veggies and potato and macaroni salads. Whatever you decide to do, you can easily stay under a few hundred dollars while keeping your guests full and satisfied.

Garden Party – Similar to a backyard bar-b-que is the more dainty and elegant garden party. If you have a small budget for your party, use about half to decorate your outdoor space with fresh flowers and ribbons. Offer fruits and veggies and small finger foods. You can serve an arrangement of desserts with coffee or tea. If you want to keep your guests entertained, you can even set up a game of croquet.

Sunday Brunch – Another unique idea is a Sunday brunch, with trays of French toast sticks, hash browns, and bacon. You can splurge by hiring a chef to cook omelets made-to-order or have a small bar with mimosas, sangria and bloody mary’s. A brunch can be great for cutting costs, since your guests can fill up on nutritious and inexpensive eggs, toasts and potatoes.

Park Picnic – A picnic is always a great setting for a cost-effective party. You can keep the menu simple, since hot and cold foods may not do too well in the heat and sun. You can go with simple sandwiches, cookies and chips, and offer delicious lemonades, teas and punches to keep your guests hydrated.

Engagement Potluck – One of the easiest ways to cuts costs for an engagement party is to ask guests to contribute to the meal. Since a marriage is a union of two families, we couldn’t think of a better time to combine family traditions and lifelong menus. You can ask your guests to bring a dish in lieu of a gift, or just ask that your guests not go overboard if they plan on bringing a dish. Ask your that your bridal party gifts be help in planning these events, so they don’t feel the need to buy multiple gifts and contribute hours of their time.

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Unique Wedding Centerpieces

Decorating for a wedding is one of the most exciting and overwhelming experiences any bride will endure; it’s important to manage a budget while getting the perfect look that you will remember for the rest of your life. One of the most prominent decorations you’ll be choosing for your reception is the centerpieces. Wedding centerpieces can be as extravagant or as minimal as you’d like, but they can cost hundreds of dollars each if you’re not careful. If you’re looking for centerpiece ideas that are unique and won’t break the bank, here are a few ideas to start with:

Vintage Arrangements – If you’re going for a vintage look you have plenty of centerpiece options. Tarnished metals and reclaimed woods are great materials for centerpieces. You can go with a silver pitcher or vase filled with pink roses, or a small wooden crate filled with gerbera daisies. Intricately designed candle sticks, picture frames and bird cages can add an extra vintage feel.

Suspended Centerpiece – One of the most beautiful and unique decoration ideas is a suspended centerpiece. These centerpieces can be a few long vertical strands of flowers, prisms or lights that give off a chandelier feel, or for a long table, you can arrange suspended flowers for the length of the table.

Edible Decorations – Edible centerpieces are a great idea, since they can replace the need for both floral arrangements and a wedding cake. Instead of having one large dessert table at your wedding, why not have your desserts arranged on the table? You can use an assortment of dishes and platters to serve chocolates, candies and cupcakes. If you’d like a more decorative look, opt for floral cupcakes to be arranged in a bouquet as the main attraction.

Candle Combinations – For a romantic or even gothic touch candles are a great centerpiece. You can collect them in vases, bowls, and stands for an elegant and classic feel or stick with a cleaner more modern look by lining medium sized white candles in a neat line from end to end of the tables. You can mix and match different colors, fragrances, and sizes to add some visual appeal.

Organic Centerpieces – Organic centerpieces are great for all kinds of weddings; big, small, elegant or casual. For country-style weddings, a large bundle of straw and wheat is a great option. For a more elegant feel, apothecaries or vases of herbs or interesting greenery add a classic touch. You can even give out the vases and decorative displays as wedding party gifts, saving you even more money!

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Outdoor Wedding Tips

Outdoor weddings are a great idea if you have hundreds of guests, if you’re looking to cut costs, or if you just enjoy the great outdoors. While outdoor weddings tend to have a more laid-back feel, they aren’t always as easy as they may look. There are a few things you should keep in mind, to ensure that your outdoor wedding is a success:

Rain, rain go away – This is easily a couple’s biggest wedding fear; a beautifully planned wedding, bridesmaids dressed and styled in their beautiful bridesmaid jewelry, the flowers and decorations are all set, and all of it is suddenly ruined by a thunderstorm. Tents are a good option for moderate rainstorms, but the best idea is to have a backup indoor location.

Keep your guests comfortable – Outdoor weddings can be great when the weather permits; unfortunately your day may end up being much warmer or cooler than you expected. On hot, sunny days, make sure your guests have enough shade and plenty of water to keep hydrated. On cooler days, make sure you have lap blankets on hand, or if you need to, rent portable heaters.

Audio – We tend to think of outdoor settings as peaceful and serene, and can quickly forget that public parks may have children playing, or beaches can have waves crashing on windy days. If you aren’t hiring a DJ for the ceremony, you’ll need to find someone to cue the music, and speakers loud enough for your guests to hear. You may also want to opt for clip-on microphones for your officiant, yourself and your partner, or else your guests may be straining to hear your beautiful vows.

Outdoor Food – This is another tricky area when it comes to outdoor weddings; the food. Are you hiring a caterer or creating the menu yourself? Does your caterer have experience in planning an outdoor wedding menu? Make sure to avoid dishes heavy in mayonnaises or creams, since eggs and dairy are easily affected by the heat. You may also want to keep fruits and veggies on ice, or have them served extremely cold, so they can stay out for an hour or longer without wilting or getting soggy.

Sun and Lighting – If you’re hoping to have a sunset wedding, or plan on partying late into the night, make sure you have adequate lighting for your guests. Also, you may want to time your wedding so you can capture post-ceremony pictures with a sunset background. If you to say your vows while the sun is still shining, make sure your guests won’t be staring straight into the light by positioning chairs and the podium accordingly.

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Outdoor Wedding Options

As the weather begins to cool, many brides are looking at their outdoor wedding options. While an outdoor wedding may add the stress of dealing with unpredictable weather, outdoor weddings are typically beautiful, enchanting and relaxing. So what kinds of options do you have for your fall, outdoor wedding?

Parks – Public and private parks are great sites for a beautiful wedding. Many parks even have lakes, tables and park benches for guests to wander and enjoy the area. Some smaller parks may have gazebos and small bridges that make for great photo ops, and larger parks may even have built-in stadium seating and a stage for your nuptials. The best part about a park wedding is that there is typically plenty of space for your guests, plenty of parking, and very few rules to abide by. Public park weddings are great, since you can essentially set-up for free, or a small cost, but they can be less intimate, since regular park-goers can participate in your big day.

Beaches – Beaches are another great location for weddings. You can have a relaxed theme with barefoot bridesmaids or groomsmen in sandals, or you can stay more traditional and host an indoor reception for a high-end feel. Beach ceremonies are beautiful, but if you want to stay in the sun for the ceremony, make sure your guests have somewhere to use restrooms and to possibly change clothes. Also, be aware that some family members and children may be sensitive to too much light, so they’ll need a shaded area for a daytime reception.

Mountains – Parks and beaches are beautiful, but for an outdoor enthusiast, nothing says “awe” like a stunning mountain view. A public state park may be your best bet on saving money while keeping your nuptials a more intimate affair, since most bikers and backpackers will leave you alone. One of the only setbacks you may face with an outdoor, mountain wedding is getting tables, chairs and decorations and unique wedding favors on-site. It may take a few moving trucks or pick-up trucks and friends to help do the job, and if it does end up raining, you may not have a good backup location.

Covered Areas – Covered outdoor locations are quite possibly the best for weddings, since you get the look and feel of the outdoors, while enjoying some protection from the hot sun, possible rain drops, bugs and other outdoor annoyances. Barns, pavilions, and large tents make for great coverings, and you can set up your food and dance floor under these areas then let guests wander outside and enjoy the fresh air and scenic views.

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Tips for Writing Great Vows

One of the most difficult parts of wedding planning is writing your own vows. While these can be some of the deepest and most meaningful words you will ever speak, sitting down to write them can lead to a downright panic attack. Not only are you putting your most sacred emotions into words, but you’re showing your vulnerability and dedication to your partner in front of all of your friends and family. If you’re up for the challenge of writing your own vows, there are a few things to know:

Start as Early as Possible – No matter how much we stress this, most couples will wait until the last minute on their vows. They may think that during the planning process they will feel more strongly or have a revelation on their vows, but starting early is the best idea. Think of it this way; you can always start early and completely change it, but having a good solid start is always comforting a month before your big day.

Get on the Same Page – Have you and your fiancé talked about your wedding vows? Will you write separate vows or write them together? Will you run them by each other before the big day or would you like to keep them a surprise?

Keep copies – Make sure you both send copies to your officiant or to one friend or family member. That can be one of the most devastating things you can do on the day of your wedding, and trying to quickly remember and jot down your vows can add extra stress to your wedding day.

Borrow Ideas – Read up on poetry, spiritual texts, and religious manuals to borrow some great ideas. Watch friends and family’s wedding videos for ideas, or pick your fiancé’s favorite author and grab some ideas.

Know your audience – Your vows can be sweet and romantic or maybe funny and light-hearted, but keep in mind that you have a mix of people at your wedding and they’re here to support you. Keep the inside jokes to a minimum and know what would be considered inappropriate to family members.

Practice out loud – This is important for a number of reasons; sometimes words come out differently on paper than they do when spoken, and hearing yourself speak can help you make adjustments. Some of your sentences could have been tongue-twisters or run-ons, which sounds awkward to your audience. Plus hearing yourself speak the words helps put you in a romantic frame of mind, which can help you when writing.

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